this post is dedicated to our little buddy that we haven't gotten to hold yet... BABY OLIVER.
he slid into this world a wee bit too early. like 3 months too early weighing in at a wopping 1lb. 12 oz. and only 13" long. uhgggg. can u even imagine the smallness of that? we got to take home one of his diapers at their baby shower a few weeks ago when he was weighing in at 2lbs. 8oz. it fits on camille's bearzy. he's that tiny, but incredibly mighty. defying all the odds of being a preemie!! it must be his  cheering fans, he hears us, i know it.

i've been storing up newborn picts for our friends, just in case they might need some ideas. FACT: i'm full of ideas.
here are some breathtaking picture ideas for their new family. 




my number one picture!!!
 i think i missed my chance at this special picture with my girls years ago...
 BABY OLIVER won't be so little forever. hoping they have captured all that he is for right now. 

and keeping on the baby train...
i've been to quite a few baby showers recently. while i'm honored to be a guest, i have NO connection with the baby world anymore so buying a gift for a new momma is next to impossible for me these days. i DON'T KNOW whats out there?? BUT, i think i've found the ideal gift from me to her. well i hope it's ideal because i've already given 3 of them as gifts...

the golden viper journal + a good/smooth pen.
she can laugh, she can cry, she can scream, she can say bad words all in this safe place...just hoping that  all the mommas will journal the SMALL moments that later become BIG memories.  
now go hug your babies. big or small... xo.k


adventures down south...

had to drive down to my hometown for a teeth cleaning yesterday. not fun... 
picture below is carlsbad campgrounds. wanted to pull in and stay a few nites. 

but driving down to visit my brother's little home... FIREWORKS!!

here we are in the front of the house looking into his living room where his 
11 foot glass pocket doors are mounted, just pushed to the sides. they are stunning!

looking to the right is the kitchen window, that will be like an outside bar area. the window is supposed to be a big crank up one.  i love this space. and remember the "oh crap it's huge vintage pendant?" she'll hang down from that there pitch. he's planning on spending a lot of his time out here since he's lacking an inside dining space. can't win em' all...

oooh ahhhh. view from the living room where the couch will sit. looking deep to the right u can catch  a glimpse of the ocean. he'll be able to smell the campfires from this house. lucky....

house will be all white board & batten. trim and exterior doors will be dark grey to match the tin roof he's hopefully getting put on soon.

favorite part of the day... 3 of these guys (in black) waiting like a christmas present in my parents garage to be opened! they're really BIG! they'll will be stationed on each side of his big pocket doors. 
barnelectric.com everything makes me weak in the knees on this sight. and derek, YOU ARE NOT allowed to make a comment on that last sentence!!!

she's a beaut. and getting prettier with each new accessory. shooting for a dec. move in date. dunno about that, but we're shooting.

ps. secretly hoping that he gives me and my family this house in return for all the love i've put into it.  i think he might. ;)


who and what do i think i'm doing...?

i have a friend. she wanted some help with ideas for her fancy blog. i started talking. she asked ME to share my ideas on her fancy blog this thursday.... i got supplies today, thank god. she told me that she wanted the blog to post tomorrow. soooooo busy little bee i had to be. and the finished product is actually on her fancy blog & i feel very honored, but incredibly nervous that people will hate it and never read HER or MY blog again!!!! that's no joke. lunchpailsandlipstick.blogspot.com don't hate it, like it and follow it!!

    it will go a little somethin' like this....



the power of menswear...

to my husbands dismay i'm sure, i feel sexiest when i'm covered up. 
i love a feminine look, love pretty lace, appreciate a high heal but as i do, i have to rough it up a little with an element of dude (a word i never use btw).


                   favorite menswear items that i own and wear pretty much everyday...

                                                             on top 
super old thrifted army green gap snap down longsleeve
 tjmaxx button down jean shirt
  camo green surplus hurley jacket that is longer in the back that i pretty much wear everyday!!
& when i feel fancy, a blazer in any color over anything 

 on bottom 
jeans.jeans.jeans... my fav. right now are my baggy peach levi's
camel colored loafers from payless!!
hightop converse

all that know me are shaking their heads & saying, YES she does wear all those things everyday. no, like evvvvveryday...

all these picts are from pintrest. keli roche, that's me i'm on there.       


this table...

it's even been my screen saver... 

sent this inspiration pict. (which i know that everyone has this pict.) to my husband, told him, i want this...he knows lots of people that derek... he calls a guy, he tells me to pick a color, we do, (it's not quite the minty green we were going for, but i always love a turquoise!) and next thing i know, it's in my kitchen area. 

here she is...

table top isn't the right one, coming soon. but for today. we are really excited about our new bright spot.



friday fun/phone day...


               it's a bit of a jumbled phone mess. that never stops me from telling a story...

met my mom & sister for a tea party to celebrate my mom's bday. we tea'd and ATE ATE ATE and then walked it off with some shopping. san clemente antiques had some goods that i had to buy. 

copper horsey is gunna be perfect in my brother's house..

little flower print is perfect for my house.

this just arrived when visiting my parents house. the cool vintage light that will be in my brother's house. but wait...holy crap it's huge!!! rethinking it. better spot may be outside. it's so beautiful!!! 

                               why yes overstock i am a satisfied customer thank you.

                                                 it's yummy and chunky.

           and tomorrow my little fatty baby eve is turning 10!! she's in trouble for being so old.
   happiest weekend to you.


donny & fern 2011...

some pictures to maybe peak you interest in what goes down at a donny & fern sale nite.
let's just say, last year was a lovely evening & i think that i did a pretty good job hiding all the ugly that went on before hand.

things that people didn't see...

-----> derek moving out a huge armoire that almost crashed through our glass slider. our friend mike who was helping, spouting off some pretty words all while my girls + a few vendors are all standing around witnessing & hearing it all. and let me say, i was on FIRE!!

-----> & moving in a giant long cabinet that had to be screwed into the wall. uhhh huhhhh. again all at around 4pm. people are coming at 5. timing, what timing?

-----> i am staring to get a gnarly headache. like migrainy.

-----> & i'm not even close to having all my product done. so i haven't showered, not sure i even did... i am such a last minute person. terrible.

-----> i proceed to get a worser headache and pretty much tell my husband to "go & take a hike" because really all he's trying to do is help, but i couldn't make 1 more decision and wanted him to clearly read my mind of what i still needed done. i remember thinking "this is my sale, my party, wahhh wahhh wahhhh." i still feel bad about treating him like that btw.

-----> & my trusty side kick sister heidi who i trust to light all my candles & frost my cookies & just be there for my crazy ass mind support couldn't make it until later that evening.

-----> & my "fern" to my "donny" was in a major life tail spin & i wasn't sure she was even going to be able to pull it together to even be there!! i think i would have totally caved & jumped off a cliff if i were in her shoes that year. but she made it and today is better than EVER!!

-----> & then guests started to arrive & i'm just now putting on some sassy pants, some make up, eye drops & advil and had not even 1 drink that nite because my head was pounding like a mother all nite!!!!

-----> i bet we had about 150 people come thru that nite. faces i had never ever seen in my house. kind of a weird feeling. they came, they bought, they drank & hopefully bought some more & we're done.

-----> another successful party & i say we're never doing that again and guess what?????
dec. 6th people!! all because you guys still want it!!

-----> & i promise, i love doing it. i would have it 10 times a year, but i don't think me and derek would make it. so we'll stick with 1 a year.

love you all & thank you thank you for your support.  see u in a few weeks. xo.k

donny & fern 2012...

Hello friends of Donny & Fern!

Can you believe we are hosting our 5th annual
 “Christmassy Event
Thursday, December 6, 2012
5-9 p.m.

3094 Donnybrook LaneCosta Mesa

Won’t you join us for a memorable night
with fun friends and a houseful of oh so affordable
hand-crafted, vintage inspired, sparkly gifty items made with love?

We’re excited, hope you are too.

Keli & Diane

if you live in or around costa mesa area PLEASE stop by my house on the 6th for some
 gifty, christmassy items. special stuff.

drinky poos + treats too... come over!!



her prettiest angle...

let's see, it's been a few weeks, possibly a month now and our girls little teeny tiny bathroom is pretty much moving along at a "roche rate." translation... NOT DONE. 
funny that she's functioning like a normal finished bathroom would, just with a few ugly obsticles.

here she is, a corner shot of her prettiness. this is for sure her best angle as of this morning. 
and then...

oh hi unfinished drywall, huge hole and taped cape over the sink. 
derek gets on this bathroom whenever he can. like while the meat is grilling, or at his lunch time, in between a real job, his hunting a deer job, soccer games and life. u know, it's getting full attention! we have moved into those drawers and surprisingly the girls have managed to still brush their teeth in here even with the cape. i think they're used to the mess. moving on...

                     ahhhhhhh! it's like a scary movie, that started out so innocently.
                        ahhhh huhhhhhh????!!!! get a new bar and rings please!!

blahhhhh , and now i'm dead, movie over!!
not giving up on her. she's got a lot of potential. and guess what color she'll be painted? now u might die.... the dreaded WHITE! i'm sooooo getting this white right. i have a deadline for ALL unfinished projects. it's frightening how close it's gotten and how far away we still are!!

i bet you are all over my unfinished and ugly spaces. I AM!! my sister sent this to me. (she knows me all too well) it is so super duper me, i laughed and cried at the same time. "birds & unicorns were singing in my head." i loved it! feels good to know that other people share my issues.


tale of the white castle...

it all happend so fast that i was totally caught off guard and it threw me off my game big time.
i pride myself in being a pretty good eye when it comes to colors. but white...OMG it's a whole nother evil. pretty much has kicked my ass and left us waking up in our white room feeling like we're in an art museum without the cool art.  i want to sing "blinded by the light" chorus every morn. i chose the wrongest white for walls. ultra white is for trim only people!! some houses can hold this white, but clearly not mine.

so, after pintrest, blog suggestions and a few samples, i had to resort to a higher source. i will be buying a few more samples in HOPES that one of these colors recommended will be the one i've always been looking for all my life! thank u by the way for your suggestions, means the world.

BEFORE: looks pretty, but was NOT! that's what instagram washes do to real life crap. walls were camo green as u would expect, with lots o lots o holes and chunky spakle smears.

AFTER: there's a lot wrong w this picture. check the walls to the ceiling blend. ceiling looks like a dirty floor. no side tables, no lamps, no cute curtains, no great bedding, no rugs, no warmth. so so cold. it feels like that new minimal feel that's popular, it's not popular with me. not a fan of the chill.

operation warm up MASTER BEDROOM in effect!  i am better than this! happy friday. xo.k

the silver lining is that i have a blank canvas. better than spackle smears!!



coming soon..


                                                        under zat
                                                    on it's way.

there's so many beautiful rug concoctions that people are doing today. mixing.matching.layering.painting.dyi'ing.etc...
so, this boring old jute rug may not super exciting to some of u i know, i know...
 don't really care, really pumped for myself thank u!

ps. if u know me, u know i hate rugs! love the idea of beautiful colors & patterns at my feet, but my lordy i always trip on them & seriously, how dirty do they get? so dirty, i can't... i would rip up my carpet if i could too.


oh the memories...

875 of what i thought to be lost pictures downloaded from my ipod to my computer tonite. that situation took a long while, but i was reunited with some long lost loves. follow my journey of wishlist pictures of past. narrated by cameron diaz.

hi and welcome to my journeyish... what, u like this outfit? this old thing? shawwwwww.

hope u enjoyed the walk up to my front door. i have fresh squeezed oj every morning. jealous?

u will sleep here,
try & enjoy the ugly view.
u may shower here,
or bathe here.
                                                       i worked really hard on this!!!
                             sorry, i'm still making my final choice on a sofa. i like this one alot.
                                             always always loved this one
but really think this ones super adorable. can't i just get all 3 and see what i like best?

& did i tell u i met a really cute guy that only owns a skateboard...just a skateboard
 (true story)

& then i got married & my bridesmaids wore these 

& then i had a baby and i looked all pretty like this

that was fun. 
and there's like 862 more pictures where that came from that i have yet to "oh yeah, i love that"over. 
should be a blast and a guaranteed major time suck!!