friday fun/phone day...


               it's a bit of a jumbled phone mess. that never stops me from telling a story...

met my mom & sister for a tea party to celebrate my mom's bday. we tea'd and ATE ATE ATE and then walked it off with some shopping. san clemente antiques had some goods that i had to buy. 

copper horsey is gunna be perfect in my brother's house..

little flower print is perfect for my house.

this just arrived when visiting my parents house. the cool vintage light that will be in my brother's house. but wait...holy crap it's huge!!! rethinking it. better spot may be outside. it's so beautiful!!! 

                               why yes overstock i am a satisfied customer thank you.

                                                 it's yummy and chunky.

           and tomorrow my little fatty baby eve is turning 10!! she's in trouble for being so old.
   happiest weekend to you.

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