happy little halloweeners...

some choice halloween costumes that we have concocted for this years trick or treating festivities.

up first is my dorky 7th grader who still loves to dress up. and i say YES! i thought a nerd would be a perfect costume for her since she wears glasses and just got braces and is just naturally nerdish. instead she's chosen to be a UNICORN NINJA. i don't know u guys. i have no answers. the good news is that she has created her costume all on her own and thinks it's pretty awesome. have at it soph!

and then we've birthed a MINION. easy, cute, comfortable... 
somehow every stinking year without fail, i will be gluing on the last detail of her costume and she'll bust out with "i don't know, something just isn't right!!!" and then there's the waterworks. this year has been no different. shoved her costume in a baggy for her school, told her i can't wait to see her march in the costume parade, kiss kiss, hug, hug, and bye bye eve.  

pintrest showed up for this costume!!  SUSHI girl is one of my favorite costume we've ever put together. she's gunna kill it at her parade today!

share with you all the real deals tomorrow. 
be safe tonite!
boo to you.


kitchen update...

my brothers little beach house is coming right along... like everyday there's something that is OF IMPORTANCE to tackle. a little tricky living an hour away from him, 
but we're gettin' er done.
decisions are being made!! 

kitchen update... things ordered, and things to be ordered.

vintage light for over his banquette area. CHECK  (LOOOOOVE THIS!)

                      these cabinets, but in white CHECK + apron sink. almost CHECK

reclaimed wood  from an old battleship that my brother personally picked out (super cool) for the   island and the backsplash. CHECK + this harware! no CHECK yet. looking...

                   some open shelving. almost CHECK. figuring out what materials still

                              and some chunky white countertops. almost CHECK

lots o' lots of decisions when building a house from the ground up geesh!! it's a learning process for all of us. fun, but a little hairy at times. so far my favorite part has been buying some cool crap and putting it on his HIS credit card. budget, smudget... he keeps saying that he trusts me. here's hopin'!!


camping xoxo...

who would have guessed 6 months ago when this trip was booked, that this past weekend would be the most beautiful weekend EVER to be camping on the beach? nowhere would we rather be than with my sister and her family, camping in our hometown, falling asleep to the waves.

swimming & surfing happened from 9 am until 5pm on saturday and then another 2 hours on sunday. the weather was perfection & clearly the kids didn't care that the water was fridgid!

fishing for hours... eve & my nephew caught baby tiger sharks, perch & some seaweed while daddy caught a sunburn.

our whole family came down for one evening to celebrate my niece and derek's bdays. good food, better company & wine by the fire and not to be forgotten was the most stunning sunset. breathtaking!!

you had to peel us away on sunday to come home. not like home is a bad place, just not the same as a picture perfect camping adventure with all of our favorites. cheers  xo.k


bargain addiction...

i've shared that i get a high off of deals! it's a real thrill for me. but lately i've been feeling so annoyed with myself. listening to myself talk about what i really want, but usually settling on the item on sale as opposed to really getting the ONE that i've had my heart set on is starting to make me go crazy. my instinctual bargain self is really becoming a total buzzkill. while a bargain can make me feel so good momentarily, in the big picture i'm left a bit disappointed. anyone else on this program??

i am grateful to have this "talent." i know that it's smart, and let's be honest, most of us don't have a disposable income. however, i think i'm growing up in my mind realizing that i am probably waisting more money buying dumb shit here and there instead of going straight to the prize. i know most of u are saying duhhhh keli. i finally get it!!!! i feel like i need a 12 step program to help retrain my brain.

...starting today, i am going to be patient and start making smarter purchases. ones that really make my heart flutter, my little house deserves that. my first test... looking for a mirror for above the piano & a big sisal rug for dining room. i'll keep u posted on how i faired.  xo.k


the dreamy life of emerson and ryan...

it's been about 4 years since i came across emerson. emersonmade.com totally took my breath away. i remember making derek sit down to look through her whole website with me, telling him that i wanted our life like THAT, or at least a small something of THAT.  it really was her amazing styling  that made me connect to her. there were guns, champagne, cigars, ducks, pretty flowers, silly plastic animals, her white front porch that is on a farm in vermont and then the clothes! but my favorite part was that she shared in THAT with her husband ryan who is her business partner. dreamy... 

today, you can find her at emersonfrye.com. still takes my breath away, but she's become way more sophisticated in her business. good move, but so damn expensive! the jackets are my favorite!! especially this first one. the whole picture is really perfection. enjoy.

so today i'm dreaming about my business that i will share with my husband someday. it will be something like this... derek, i have all these ideas, i will tell him by using a lot of hand motions & crappy sketches, he will attempt to read my mind, he will help me create it, i will be annoyed that he didn't read my mind, we will get in a quick spat about it, there might be tears from me of course, we may possibly start over, he will be quiet yet supportive while i'm scrambling and then, the magic happens and we're kissing and hugging and cheersing to what we created and we'll say we'll never do that again and then that night we start concocting our next project. i wonder if that's how emerson and ryan function? that's a good husband down below if the answer is yes. 

love u droche. i know you say that i'm a dreamer, but seriously can't make that dream happen without u  and THAT will be happening someday.   xo.k


i want one for every room...

ikea had these chairs available this summer (well more like they got them in in like march, i'm not thinking summer in the month of march!!!) & like an idiot i didn't buy them, have been dreaming of them and then wahlahhhh... THEY WERE BACK IN STOCK!!  i know it's just a chair, but they make me smile. i need more!!!!



our weekend was supposed to be spent in mexico, however...it was meant to be that we ended up at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe instead. THANK GOD!

check in.

not my child, but a super image of the grounds. if u look all the way out beyond the beauty u can see the town. small, quaint, quiet & beautiful. 

you stay in little bungalows. it all looks like this btw!! couldn't get enough of the scenery.
stood in the pool while reading magazines while my back was burning. such a gooood burn.

my aunt lives up the street. i know, lucky!! she and my cousin met us for drinks & dinner on sat. then sunday morning they took us on a great walk on the golf course & breakfast back at The Inn. such a pleasant addition to our weekend.

and...because you know by now how amazing my photo skills are, here are the only 2 (& let me explain) pictures that i took of the special time i got to spend with my husband. it's pathetic how i don't document. gotta get better at that. 

this first one was for my sister... check the rental price tag. i asked if she would be interested in sharing the rent for next summers vacation. it's pretty much in our price range right heidi?

and then this really choice, incredibly bright picture is not just an awesome glamour shot of derek, but look super super super close. see the hot air ballon back there? they were all over. they were so pretty, i guess u had to be there.  told u, pathetic. maybe derek has a few better ones on his phone??? i guess i store my memories in my mind and heart, not so much on film.

it was only a night away, but how badly do we always need those one nighters? we crave them, and try to grab them as often as we can. the weather made me miss summer and now i'm missing derek.

go NOW and book a night away and get refreshed...  xo.k


favorite spot...

"mama, now can i please go on the tree swing?"

evvvvvvvery morning before school, evvvvvvvvery day after homeworks done, & any other time in between. this tree with the swing has become a neighborhood hang out spot. i love it because kids should be outside!!!!!!!  xo.k

if u look close u can see where the tree attacked her chin...& her back & her knees, but she still comes back for more.


99.9% done...

all that's missing is a sealant. we'll see if it makes it on the wood. i don't even care because, I LOVE IT! smore's for everyone!! thanks derek for making my inspiration pict. come to life. you're real gooooood. xo.k

sit down...

inspiration pict.
 this image reminds me of tahoe in the summer. with evening cocktails, happy children, men bbquing, tanned skin. oh how much i would love to be sitting on these little white benches right about now!! not today...below pict is reality.

closing in on another home project involving floating benched seating & a firepit. 
me and my handyman husband have a bit of ADD. we start something, and juuuuuust as it's about to be finished, we move unto the next project. 99.9% of the time that project isn't one that is even priority. bad habits are hard to kick... xo.k


38 is great...

happy birthday droche!
                                               he is pretty great at 38!...
cheers to another year of getting older & much wiser. u know i adore u, every little thing about u. celebrating u today!!
                                               peace out bday boy. xo.k

                                                (& many thanks for being my lonely supporter of this blog. you're special.)