bargain addiction...

i've shared that i get a high off of deals! it's a real thrill for me. but lately i've been feeling so annoyed with myself. listening to myself talk about what i really want, but usually settling on the item on sale as opposed to really getting the ONE that i've had my heart set on is starting to make me go crazy. my instinctual bargain self is really becoming a total buzzkill. while a bargain can make me feel so good momentarily, in the big picture i'm left a bit disappointed. anyone else on this program??

i am grateful to have this "talent." i know that it's smart, and let's be honest, most of us don't have a disposable income. however, i think i'm growing up in my mind realizing that i am probably waisting more money buying dumb shit here and there instead of going straight to the prize. i know most of u are saying duhhhh keli. i finally get it!!!! i feel like i need a 12 step program to help retrain my brain.

...starting today, i am going to be patient and start making smarter purchases. ones that really make my heart flutter, my little house deserves that. my first test... looking for a mirror for above the piano & a big sisal rug for dining room. i'll keep u posted on how i faired.  xo.k

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