the dreamy life of emerson and ryan...

it's been about 4 years since i came across emerson. emersonmade.com totally took my breath away. i remember making derek sit down to look through her whole website with me, telling him that i wanted our life like THAT, or at least a small something of THAT.  it really was her amazing styling  that made me connect to her. there were guns, champagne, cigars, ducks, pretty flowers, silly plastic animals, her white front porch that is on a farm in vermont and then the clothes! but my favorite part was that she shared in THAT with her husband ryan who is her business partner. dreamy... 

today, you can find her at emersonfrye.com. still takes my breath away, but she's become way more sophisticated in her business. good move, but so damn expensive! the jackets are my favorite!! especially this first one. the whole picture is really perfection. enjoy.

so today i'm dreaming about my business that i will share with my husband someday. it will be something like this... derek, i have all these ideas, i will tell him by using a lot of hand motions & crappy sketches, he will attempt to read my mind, he will help me create it, i will be annoyed that he didn't read my mind, we will get in a quick spat about it, there might be tears from me of course, we may possibly start over, he will be quiet yet supportive while i'm scrambling and then, the magic happens and we're kissing and hugging and cheersing to what we created and we'll say we'll never do that again and then that night we start concocting our next project. i wonder if that's how emerson and ryan function? that's a good husband down below if the answer is yes. 

love u droche. i know you say that i'm a dreamer, but seriously can't make that dream happen without u  and THAT will be happening someday.   xo.k

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