lights out 2012...

        lights out for the rest of the holiday season... see u on the other side!!! will miss all 2 of u.


those days r far far gone...

can we talk about this picture? uhhhg. circa 2007. 
sophie 7. eve 5. camille 2. 
boy i miss those baby faces.

shopping for ugly footsy pj's for sophie today. seriously, they should not be allowed to sell those pj's for that big of a child!! realizing how time has gone by. grateful i've had all these years with those faces.

 and check out lunchpailsandlipstick.com tomorrow. a visit from me......!

the end.


if i'm honest...

i won't lie. i really didn't want my girls to go to school today. was secretly hoping ALL of them wern't going to be feeling well when they woke up. camille is the same age as those little angels... 
faith keeps me moving forward, but fear can certainly bring me down fast. looking forward to 2:51 & 3:05pm pick up today. 

i'm hoping our christmas card is bringing our family & frenz a little smile & a giggle during this time. 

i love my family! 


visions of bright sleeps & my 1st oops...

they were so excited to sleep in their new beds that they didn't even turn their lights out.
pictures of their room redu to come... u know me and my amazing pict. abilities. but i will try hard to get some good shots for u!!

and then, i made my first big oops with my brothers house. those stunning barn lights that we ordered, that i could hardly handle because i loved them so much?? i know you remember!!!

a comment from the contractor... "i love the lights, but we need a bigger building for them."
ok then...

so my dad helped me package those pretty babies back up and back to their original home they went. 
thanking god almighty that there were no restocking fees and shipping wasn't horrible. phewwwww... i'm sure there's more where all that mishap came from, but hoping that they're minimal from here on out.

i dont know about u, i'm feeling a bit like this...

oh the holiday's...


behind the scenes...

DONNY & FERN 2012... before.

donny and fern is a major labor of love. my home becomes a serious work space for about 2 good weeks before. i tend to make a big huge massive scary mess in every room  before turning it into 
something presentable for the night of the party. somehow/someway it cleans up.
let's follow my mess, without judgement of course & we u will see what the roche's were up to every single nite for 2 weeks prior to d&f!!!

 pot depot...ALL these pots were empty up until 2:30 the day of the sale, so bad... i continued the mess outside unto that blue tarp for a serious succulent planting explosion. ask anyone that witnessed it!!
                      flower making station... i'm really starting to hate making those little buggers. so now i've taken over all of our possible eating surfaces. the girls pulled up a bench one night and used it as a table. poor girls fending for themselves...
chainsaw roche in action sculpting & creating some wood goodness. sometimes waaaaay too late in the nite. do u even know how loud a chainsaw is?
 some trees
some stocking holders
 some signs that got some paint & sparkles. the time was approx. 12am here, i lasted until 3:30am. 
say it with me, T.I.R.E.D & notice that i'm now messing up the KITCHEN.

some wine stoppers. my favorite items of the night.

 miraculously the messes disappeared by 5pm. some of it into closets or stuffed under beds... hope people weren't snooping!!! 
the best of the night is yet to come. our friend and neighbor was roaming around taking picts. all evening. will share as soon as i get them.

great nite, great time, love to see all the faces, thank u for coming, happy it's over, still recovering. 


blurred beauty...

hoping to experience some sort of blurry image like this in my home. I WILL TRY TO DO IT!!
perhaps over my piano? 

and we met...

the miracle named BABY OLIVER? 
i met him. 
 as soon as i buzzed the NICU buzzer to be let in i felt emotional
then i hugged momma & we cried
then i peered into his little plastic cocoon & cried again
then amazing news was given to mamma that he would escape a blood transfusion!
& we totally cried again
then to sit in the quiet with BABY O snuggling 'skin on skin' on his momma's chest for 45 minutes
so special
 the pleasure was ALL mine to be in the presence of this 3lb. 5oz. miracle
can hardly wait for my next visit.

sorry, no picts. but u can just imagine.