visions of bright sleeps & my 1st oops...

they were so excited to sleep in their new beds that they didn't even turn their lights out.
pictures of their room redu to come... u know me and my amazing pict. abilities. but i will try hard to get some good shots for u!!

and then, i made my first big oops with my brothers house. those stunning barn lights that we ordered, that i could hardly handle because i loved them so much?? i know you remember!!!

a comment from the contractor... "i love the lights, but we need a bigger building for them."
ok then...

so my dad helped me package those pretty babies back up and back to their original home they went. 
thanking god almighty that there were no restocking fees and shipping wasn't horrible. phewwwww... i'm sure there's more where all that mishap came from, but hoping that they're minimal from here on out.

i dont know about u, i'm feeling a bit like this...

oh the holiday's...

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