love & beautiful things...

celebrating beautiful things...happy day after heart day! 14 of these days celebrated with this handsome face. lucky me!! hope this week you are feeling the love.... xoxo


u choose...

flapper style or regular headband style? u can choose how u want to wear these stretchy headbands. fun for everyday, extra fun for a party or a night out. don't be scared- either way you'll look darling!


just for looks...

just a few looks from special orders i just finished. keep um comin'! lame post- sorry, not super inspired today!
BUT, catch a glance at the bottom image. doesn't it look like my derek? found the card at paper source (shout out to my fav. store & thanks jaime for a fun night, maybe we spent like 2 hours laughing at the cards?!!) the label on it said "boys & beer", PERFECT! it cost me about 5 bucks (for a stinkin' card), but i told derek i would have paid 100 bucks for it i loved it so much. framed it, put it on my mantle & get a smile every time i look at it.

(the other guy in the pict., that would be derek's bf. attached at the hip i tell ya!!)