where have i been....

uncle gary's concert in the park
easter with my ladies. (mom, sister, sister) do we look related?

mimi & papa's for mason #9 and ethan #11 dual partay!!
sophie's #11! 10 days older than ethan, bff's...
camping with neighbors in san elijo... memories for days!
kids run the oc...with their cousins! awesome!!

zac brown band concert! the best nite ever!!
tanaka farms with tootsie's kinder class. could eat that face up!!

our pretties have been ALL ALL over the place. wow, this post has exhausted me. summer please come...

sweet bubbles...

nothing sweeter than a warm day and a good batch of bubbles. sun... please stay!!

back at it...

i won't lie. i wasn't feelin' it for a while there. as much as my mind was being pulled into my garagey workspace, my body was soooo fighting it. guess i needed a bit of a vacay from fluff and feathers. but good news... i'm back and they're back and they are just as fun and bright as ever! i know, it's about time right?!

3 cheers for uncle d!

our uncle d is kind of a big deal...a bmx biker rockstar! he took the bronze in the asian x-games! so we celebrate! we are so incredibly proud of him, not only because he's so talented and has totally chased his dreams, but because he is so humble and gracious and loving. he's just uncle d to us. congrats!!