S.O.S. dining room addition...

          here's the situation...                                      


amongst other really unfortunate spaces in my home, this one is killing me! i have put up, removed, put up, removed frames like 50 times. the wall looks like i used it for shooting practice.

also... check out the tree, sitting on a plastic bag in desperate need of a pot/basket  i don't know...

and then the cabinet... just need to commit to some pulls. that's all, easy as that. what's my deal?

there's so much more that needs to happen in this little adobe of ours. remember the post about amanda peete's lived in space? (how do i do that by the way? refer back???) yeah, my lived in isn't as cute as hers... however, i will not give up on our home!!!!!!!!!!! onward & upward right?
                                                                 xo. k


holy hottest day of the year...

here comes the hot and sweaty bride... seriously, hot as balls!!

hi and welcome. 
derek & i had no idea of who the bride or groom was, however, we were happy to be of assistance to our dear friend summer who realized this little wedding gig that she had agreed to do wasn't such a little gig. 


come & sit

(fruit stand built by mr. derek roche... it was a HUGE hit!! very proud wife moment. )
                                       eat some fruit & have an ice cream sandwich.
 when you're the wedding planner ( & have a cutie for a husband) you change super fast, in the park bathroom. slap on some makeup, layer on the deodorant, somehow look like perfection, because summer is just adorable, welcome the bride and guests and then bust a move for another 4+ hours.
when you are the chirrpas, you help for 6 hours in the blazing sun, sweat...exit stage left as is, check into a sweet hotel,  SHOWER OFF THE SWEAT!!! dinner at a fav. spot, enjoy some chat time with each other then end it with a $20 glass of wine ( that wasn't in the plan, but we figured we deserved it ). the day was a success and so enjoyable & again, SWEATY!!  loved working with scummer, she did a supurb job!! mark my words that derek & i might be for hire someday...we really do enjoy working together, funny huh??

summer songs...

it started off with a family affair concert in san diego where we sang to all the tunes of my uncle gary's hits. gary puckett and the union gap toured  with a few other old time favorites.
we were in a cluster of hawaiian shirts and 60ish year old people & we were told that there were complaints about our crew being too loud. lighten up humphry's.

my sister heidi, me & my super fun, sweet cousin bri. my mom, dad, brother, husband, brother in law, aunts, uncles and lots of cousins were all there. i guess we were a bit of a scene.

next up...brother's of the sun tour at anahiem stadium. not a concert, more like a festival. started at 4:30, didn't get home until 12:30am!! kenny chesney, tim mcgraw ( in an all white situation...weird), jake owen (that we missed) and grace potter...can we talk about grace potter? i was in love love love with her sparkle onsie and sheer cover up, with her black booties, gahawwww. she is a rocker, and a beautiful one & i was in awwww!! that day was too fun... family, frenz, talegating, horse patrol, in & out @ midnight,  laughing and dancing... my calves were soar the next day. it was awesome! thank u aaron and heidi for the tix. forever grateful...

and then there was victoria justice with my 9 year old and her frenz @ the oc fair.  it was, ummm well...no country music concert, but eve had a blast, and having a special date with her made all the high pitched screams worth it. and we met tori!! do u remember you're first concert? yeah, me neither.... she wanted to sit by me the whole nite. melt my heartsies. love that girl.

until the next one, party on!
xo. k


20 augusts...

20 years together.
15 years married.
3 babies.
countless amounts of memories.
countless amounts of memories out there to be made.
i still feel like that 16 year old cheerleader wearing her glasses when we kiss. 
proud of us...
yep... then 

                                            & now...   (he still has the same pucker)