ever changing...

always moving, always changing stuff around, always buying little things to freshen up, always making runs to the goodwill to drop off the crap that i'm over!

new rug! my brother and i now have twinsie rugs. awww cute.
after my fiasco with the other 100% wool shedder rug, i was left still wanting it even though i cursed it everyday! this one isn't as authentic looking as the wool, but it is baby butt soft and NO hair balls!

ready for new wallpaper. on the lookout. 

...love this magazine. 
if u know us roche's you would agree that this is a good mix of me and him.

    bought this for a wedding present, but oops i accidentally hung it up in my room. 
desperately need a new side table!!

salvation army find for my sisters house. 
cool stuff to be found all day long at these kind of places. go take a look for yourself!

my home is my job.

like a regular job, my house challenges me everyday. 
i need to feel good in my space.
you grow to love some of the not so perfect spaces along the way.



back in black...

my teenager has officially hit being a teenager and i'm all fired up!
like not in a good way fired up.
crap, and i have to go thru this 2 more times?
 i'm done, here's my mommy card, someone else please take care of my girls?
just kidding, not kidding, no really i'm kidding. 
it's a moment that i hope quickly passes.

enough of my mommy blahhhs.
lets look at pretty things shall we? 

i'm noticing my trend for black in a ton of my pictures i've been pinning. 
i love it in small, unexpected doses. 
for being such a strong color, it's grounding.
 and right now, i really need that as i go through the rough roads of teenagedom.
wish me luck.


a little monday shimmy...

check out the blonde on the right. that's my toots. 
she's a real shimmy shaker with her muppet hair whippin' back and forth.
and how's the smooth switcharoo of my nephews? haha
thanks to my sister for the footage. auntie is gooooood at sneaking in little videos. 
when we have each others kidlets we always send videos or picts to each other... usually cracking up at at least one of our kids,  pure entertainment!
nobody loves our girls as much as derek and i do... except for auntie.


thoughts on 16...

MARCH 29. 1997

instead of the usual anniversary adventure weekend, we were lucky enough to witness 
the marriage of 2 extra special people. 
even though ours is the 29th, we now share our anniversary weekend with our dear friends. 

16 years of lots and lots and lotsa stuff. 
the really good. the good. the bad. the ugly. the really ugly.
we still have so many more dreams to catch together,
 uhggg and we're not getting any younger trying to get there. 
we have ALOT to do derek!!

                       DEREK's GRADUATION june 1993 : always with an element of crazy... those anne klein glasses??? 

told him just last night how grateful i was to be growing older with him. 
knowing that someone has loved me (ok, maybe not always liked me ;) ) for 20+ years is I KNOW a huge blessing. i do not take any of this for granted. we've grown up together, we know each others ticks. i know that he doesn't like his toes popped and i he knows i don't like when he drags only his left foot with his flip flops on, making it sound like a little old asian lady. but i still threaten to pop his toes and he still drags that damn foot. 
true love.

BFF droche
lovies. kel


who is ben ash...?

2 years ago i bought this pretty lady at an estate sale on my way home from church in
  huntington beach:  a really overpriced estate sale!! 

 i was on my way out when i spotted her face hanging on a wall  in the living room.
to my complete shock there was a red tag on her saying $1. i grabbed her off the wall so fast, gave them my buck, came home and quickly found a home for her. 
like i stole her or something.

fast forward 2 years.

just 2 days ago was at the goodwill in huntington beach
one that i frequent often 
this is where i spotted this handsome face for all of $6.99.
again...i grabbed him, paid my dollars, quickly ran out of the store headed home knowing i had the perfect spot for him to hang.

while hanging him, i was looking at all the markings on the back. 
artist name: BEN ASH

while rehanging her, this name BEN ASH was staring me in the face.

is that weird? 
who is this BEN ASH? could it have been that these 2 
had been hanging together in his house? 
i looked him up. he's not a famous anyone, he may not even be alive anymore. 
 come on, i believe i was meant to have this handsome couple hanging together in my house.
they are a perfect match! 

to BEN ASH's family... i want you to know that i will treasure these pictures for the rest of my life. 
i promise i will never allow this pair to be broken apart again, 
even when they are passed down to my girls. 
they belong together 
don't you agree?
i love them!!



word wednesday...

to my dear friends who are struggling...

funny how words can sometimes feel like a safe warm hug
take a deep breath
NOW start creating your new ending
you can do it...
love you!


just dye it...

when you hold a glittery sparkly event in an old, cold, cinderblocked hall... one must dig deep.
TULIP DYE in grapefruit became the hero!

theme colors of the auction where peach and minty green + lots of glitter!
i envisioned a watercolory backdrop feel for the 45 foot long long auction table wall. 
they came out way more hippie tie dye. but i was cool with that. 

supplies to create tie dye/watercolored panels...

dye = michael's  

twin sheets $3.99 each = IKEA

bucket + sponge
open space so that u can sponge and let dry.

dunk one end of sheet into dye
hang unto line
 excess will drip down the sheet
squeeze dye soaked sponge unto areas you want more effect
 hang dry

takes about 3 minutes per sheet. 

then when derek brought home 3 dirty parachutes from the army surplus, i knew they needed a good soak as well.

 these dye jobs will all be used for another PTA event at the end of the year. 
I LOVE RECYCLING these kinda things, makes me feel good.

happy party planning



i do not like putting myself out there for people to judge. 
just sayin... i guess, who really does? so hoping that this little ditty that is posted over HERE will be positively admired, not negatively picked over. 

some spaces evolved on easter sunday. hope you that have been on the journey with me continue to see progression that makes your senses happy. thank you for silently holding my hand. i'm gunna keep doing this stuff because it makes all of my fibers happy!