thoughts on 16...

MARCH 29. 1997

instead of the usual anniversary adventure weekend, we were lucky enough to witness 
the marriage of 2 extra special people. 
even though ours is the 29th, we now share our anniversary weekend with our dear friends. 

16 years of lots and lots and lotsa stuff. 
the really good. the good. the bad. the ugly. the really ugly.
we still have so many more dreams to catch together,
 uhggg and we're not getting any younger trying to get there. 
we have ALOT to do derek!!

                       DEREK's GRADUATION june 1993 : always with an element of crazy... those anne klein glasses??? 

told him just last night how grateful i was to be growing older with him. 
knowing that someone has loved me (ok, maybe not always liked me ;) ) for 20+ years is I KNOW a huge blessing. i do not take any of this for granted. we've grown up together, we know each others ticks. i know that he doesn't like his toes popped and i he knows i don't like when he drags only his left foot with his flip flops on, making it sound like a little old asian lady. but i still threaten to pop his toes and he still drags that damn foot. 
true love.

BFF droche
lovies. kel

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