I SPY...

love me or leave me... yes that's mr & mrs. roche & a do pretty at a nascar race- we're BIG fans! a little white trash is good for the soul. (what??? it was one of the best days of our lives- so don't judge!!)
can u spy my daughter? she's my most loyal customer- gymnastics, school, the beach. she doesn't leave home without a pretty...preferably pink & sparkly!! i heart u camille!!
again...can u spy my girl? haha!! last years christmas performance- we fought about that darn pretty... oh evers, don't you know that I ALWAYS win? u looked perfect that nite! but maybe next year you could ask for your own space on the risers? a little tough taking picts when u were shoved behind your TALL frenz...
yep, you finally catching on? i spy sophie!! she rocked this race so proud of her & she looked darn cute doing it!! i think momma has her work cut out for her for the next race- green flowers around?? would be so fun! run killybrooke run!

you email me a pict. wearing your pretty. tell me where & when & why you had it on and then (drum roll.....) i'll post your pretty face on my blog! then, umm, well we'll just all enjoy your pict.
sound fun? xoxo- kel


do pretty does donny & fern...

it's coming!! please pass this flier along to your friends & family about this sparkly evening. it's one of my favorite nites! can't wait, can you tell??

flowers up in the clouds...

this post doesn't have too much to do with my pretties. it's just that this picture makes me breathless and oh so grateful for my 4 pretties....

the girls had a day off a couple of weeks ago, soooo we headed up w/ daddy to his element. we drove up & up into the clouds for some shiver fresh air, big huge acorns, a little target practice and a quiet that u can only get when your far far away from the world. as girly & flowery us roche girls are, we all appreciate the down and dirty of a good hike and clear lungs. thank u daddy for the memories, loved every minute of it! (maybe not all of the scary cliffs, or motorcycle guys that we almost hit-ahhhh)

do pretty does taylor swift....

taylor swift is HUGE in our home! (have u heard her new cd? a must have for christmas!) sophie sported a taylor-ish costume for halloween, finished off with a big ol'
do pretty flower. i love that my girls look at halloween as a chance to create something fun out of our own stuff.
(total cost for costume= .99 cents for the wht skirt, goodwill special! man we're good...)

PS...if u know taylor swift- please tell her the roche's (including daddy) adore her, love her, sing really loud to her music, dress up like her, wear red lips like her, are learning to play her songs on piano, love her, at least one is always named taylor in any game they play, love her & pretty much want to grow up to be her! and then tell her to call me so that i can make her some pretties. many thanks!!
...the roche family


boutique alert!!

hi frenz- i will be at California Elementary School's "Shopping Nite" FRIDAY, NOV. 19th from 6-8:30pm in case u want to join meeeeeeee....... hope i see your pretty face there!!

california elementary 3232 california st., costa mesa