boys town...

here we go again with crappy late late night pictures. 

a few weekends ago my sister and i headed back down to my brothers boys town house. so many things to still be polished. we're chiseling away at the details as fast as we possibly can.  

honestly, the house looks KICK ASS and the curb appeal is to die for!

 heidi scoured the counters and restocked the open shelves. 

that wall, oh that wall. one day it will be a really beautiful collection of his art and travels.
to be cont...

this art is special...my mom made them in college. they're created out of noodles, bobbypins and all sorts of other goodies. they sit perfectly on the hallway wall. 

still waiting on his mattress and side tables. i mean, obviously...
cow picture to be moved ASAP. mission... pillows, lamps & a good vacuum on the rug?

yay for privacy!!

2 horseys to be screwed into the tile to hold towels. 
anthro. on sale for $7.95!!
so far my favorite detail of his house.

more to come... 
like landscape, fences, gates, walls, barn doors, more more more. this project seems endless but we're happily pressing on.
the best news is that he's IN and he loves it!



glitter will guide you...

party woot woot!! 
don't get too excited, the word PTA is on the invite. could change your excitement level. 

glitter is on tap for the evening. 
derek and i are in charge again of the decor at our girls school silent auction. we are always working up until the very last moment before guests start arriving and i never ever give myself any time to think about what i'm going to wear. i usually end up putting on something that i haven't worn in like 20 years and then cry because i hate my outfit. does anyone else do this??

well, this year i'm comin' to play people!
wether it be with makeup or a clutch or a skirt or my hair or a really decadent dress or my nails or shoes or just my whole damn outfit... there will be glitter. 

 ooh good outfit for dance moves. 

 i like this idea of a jean shirt with sparkles.

 kind of perfect...

                    oh hey i'm here. am i too overdressed?



i for sure would be the talk of the school in this master get up!

oh hell no... how did they get on here?

ding ding ding!!!
i'm thinking this might be the winner outfit! 
now i gotta go find this situation.


this really was my 1st choice. 
just the right amount of cleavage don't u think?? especially for a school event. 
umm, mrs. roche can u please excuse yourself and go put on an appropriate dress.

happy weekend!!


maison du soir LAUNCH...

the day is almost here! 
i've seen my friend create this high end pajama line from a dream to reality.
this saturday i am honored to be helping her sell lots and lots of beautiful pajamas.

courtney is one of THE MOST genuine humans i've ever met. 
PUMPED for my little kismet friend- good things to come for her. 

Maison Du Soir coming to a store near you this summer... 



the fog round 2...

it hit me again, the terrible sickness. 
just coming back out of the fog. i am officially O.V.E.R. theraflu.
 damn u flu bug, go rot & die somewhere for good this time.

 this little snippet is helping to kick start my senses again. 
my thoughts exactly. 

and why is this sooooo true?
and why am i such an emotional person?
and why do i have a stamp on my forehead allowing this to be the case?
oh help me jesus!