history lesson w/ keli...

 my maiden name MARLIN has some seriously cool history.
in 1870, my great greater greatest ancestor, John Mahlon Marlin  started "Marlin Firearms." 
a gun that became THE gun used in WWI and by expert shooters. 
Annie Oakley anyone.anyone? 
marlin firearms made guns just for her. 
obviously my family grew up around guns and developed a great respect for them. our lineage is rich in hunting and just plain ol' all american pride.
 sooooooo i thought it necessary to showcase some of that history in blair's house. 
i mean, he is the last MARLIN in the marlin line which dates back like light years. 
no pressure blair for that boy!!

i ordered these old magazine adds off of ebay from a company called Period Paper. all of the adds came with a certificate of authenticity that tells the year, type of add type of gun etc..., which i wasn't expecting but thought was especially awesome!! so each frame has a certificate attached to it. the sizes of the adds were all odd shapes so i grabbed 7 frames from Target (love these frames!!) mounted them on acid free black paper and called it an art history wall.
when hanging multiple frames i recommend using some sort of measuring devise for balance and level. but don't listen to me, i'm the most impatient person and hang everything with just my screw gun & crazy eye. it fails me only about 10% of the time...
 blair was on an overnight boys town camp out with my husband and a bunch of buddies, so i got to hang in his house ALL day. you guys, ALL day by myself, no kids, no interruptions. just me, my tools, a bottle of wine, chex mix and mumford and sons pandora. 
it was glorious! 
this wall was a surprise for him. he had no idea i was doing this. the phone call the next day after he came home was so cool. there were almost tears coming from his end.

next stop // willie nelson 
any ideas? keepin' you comin' back for more.



guest bath // instagram...

to keep the little beach house as a "remodel" not "new" construction, 
we had to forgo remodeling a room. 
that room was the guest bathroom. the door has been closed for months, it's ugly in there...

but today's the day. we're opening the door and breaking ground 
on the final undone space in the house. 
it's about time...

tile - check
shower bench - check
basin sink - check
toilet - check
happy it's humpday? - check
it's already been a long week - check
tomorrow will be the longest day of my life - check check check
excited for this bathroom to be finished - check!

get updates on this dirty old space on my new and improved instagram account. 

no hard feelings if i don't follow u back.
 i'm gunna keep it to a minimal with 99.9% being design oriented accounts.

if you're not private, then i can still keep tabs on YOU!

i'm a wayyyyyy better photographer on instagram. :)



exciting next step...

roche + roche 

opportunity has shown it's little face 
i'm grabbing it
 saying thank u 
and running with it.

clearly it's still in the process of perfection, 
but it's up & i'm excited to see where this leads me.



diamonds uncovered...

books + things

rocket thesaurus = blair . i mean a guy needs that in his bathroom right?
mason & dixon = my sister heidi because she has a mason...duhhh
the BIG black book = my house . it kinda has a creepy feel to it...
astronomy = courtney. we talk about the stars & stuff, but both know nothing about it... we make things up. now we can really get some answers! 
 the trophyguy, he's for me too. i just liked him.

 look how cool the big black creepy books pages are.

  these 3 pictures adding all up to $20!! 
they will be making their way down to blair's HUGE BLANK wall in his living room.

 i can't get out without finding some things for myself. if you have the patience, you will score. 
if you pay attention to the sale color of the day, you will extra score!

 my total for all of these treasures was something like $36. 
just checked urban outfitters, the levi's alone would cost me $54. 
it's like my drug.

xo. kel



my hairs always messy, but salty air sticky messy hair... it's my favorite.

              super excited for the sun this weekend!


the plymouth fury...

she's cute right?
in like a really old 1966 vintage way.
she can't go over the toll road
we really never know if when she needs gas
she'll bust out songs on her original push button stereo at random times
she can chauffeur like 100 people+soccer balls+surfboards+hamboards+boogieboards+chairs+2x4's
+lots of tools+a gallon of sand ETC... 
she leaks oil on my driveway like crazy
if her back window is down she stinks up the whole car with her fumes,
she CAN NEVER EVER AGAIN go through a carwash... 
(kids crying,water leaking in, things falling off, loud noises)
but i have to say that 'wagon,"she's become part of the family 
she came into our lives at a real tough time and has been making us smile ever since.
ooh ooh and she has a mean honk.

but if u look real close you can see that girlfriend needs a bit of a face lift. 
her leather has ripped/disintegrated off leaving her stuffing totally exposed.
not a good look. 
we've tried some tape, but that's like botox, only lasts a few months until she'll need a new round.

because she's been so good to us, we want to bless her with a new getup. 
we're thinking something like this look below would be appropriate for her. 

A. it's fun fun fun!!
B. YAY... my butt won't stick to the nasty melty leather anymore. 

i think she'll be cute in it. a new summer makeover.
pictures to come...

xo. kel

word wednesday...

in case you're wondering,
 i'm feeling a bit of this today. 

it's all because i'm meeting with a potential client (sounds funny) this morning. 
my head tells me that i've got this, but my stomach is telling me something different...


xo. kel