diamonds uncovered...

books + things

rocket thesaurus = blair . i mean a guy needs that in his bathroom right?
mason & dixon = my sister heidi because she has a mason...duhhh
the BIG black book = my house . it kinda has a creepy feel to it...
astronomy = courtney. we talk about the stars & stuff, but both know nothing about it... we make things up. now we can really get some answers! 
 the trophyguy, he's for me too. i just liked him.

 look how cool the big black creepy books pages are.

  these 3 pictures adding all up to $20!! 
they will be making their way down to blair's HUGE BLANK wall in his living room.

 i can't get out without finding some things for myself. if you have the patience, you will score. 
if you pay attention to the sale color of the day, you will extra score!

 my total for all of these treasures was something like $36. 
just checked urban outfitters, the levi's alone would cost me $54. 
it's like my drug.

xo. kel

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  1. I wish we had cool places to find things like this. LOVE all your treasures!