the ladies of 2012...

school's out!
tough year for a few of us. others flew right through. so proud of these faces!
this is our last year of all 3 at the same school. hellllooo JR. HIGH! i'm thinking next year might sting a little at first...

sophie mae: 6th grade graduate!!
probably ending on one of her all time favorite years so far. she has been a special light at our school. kids love her, teachers adore her. couldn't be more proud of the path she has chosen. goodbye's are so hard. bahhhhaahaah.

eve presley: 4th grade grad. 
thank god this years over, right evers? her teacher was uhhhggg...but she found a new love of music and soccer!! kind of a rockstar this one is...

camille magnolia: 1st grade grad. 
hell yeah, she had the 3rd highest amount of reading counts points in the WHOLE school! geeze girl... she also mastered the black monkey bars. (apparently a big deal when your 6) my little tiny 5 lb. baby will be a second grader? not ok.

and me.... taking on PTA Programs this year, just about put me in the grave. i will be taking a break from that situation next year.  
so kiss off PTA and school because family, frenz, vacations, beach until 7pm, pool and sleeping in awaits us now. 
we do summer really well!!



griswold family vacation...

yellowstone or bust people
2 motorhomes, 4 adults 5 kids, 1 dog 9 bikes, and a heck of a lot of driving.
the husbands are excited...the wives are just trying to make it through the end of another school year...the kids are literally counting down the days. 5 days until departure!
i have prepped nada for this adventure. i have only stocked up on throw away tablecloths for each campsite we visit. because cute tablecloths are of upmost importance. we're not new to camping, but 2 weeks?? that's a blasted long time to be gone. these kind of trips are what memories are made of right?  so long house, hope you're not burned down when we get home.    xox.k


i could be happy here...

amanda peet's home... easy, not pretentious, light, airy, whismsy, homey. i hate nothing more than a  big, stuffy, stupid towels with tassles in the bathroom, matchy match home that has zero character. my home houses 5 very different beings. when u walk in, my hope is that u can feel all 5 of our personalities from the pillows, to the handmade furniture, to the art wall & white board, to the backpacks lined up in the hallway to the random things collected, to our shoe basket, to the ever changing stuff happening in every room. it should all say, WE LIVE HERE! enjoy some picts of a lived in home. 

how cute is she?  maybe i'll share a few of our lived in spaces. trust me when i say "lived in." 



who's your daddy...?

happy father's day to some of my #1 dad's!! 
you make our world complete.




and ALWAYS...



housey things...

 tjmaxx $24.99. linen with a down insert. hell yes i bought 2. my dining room is happy. go right now and buy yourself a pair!!

theres a lot happening in this pict., but lets focus on the fence. finally a fence! camille kicked down our other one with her hardcore soccer skills. a day, that's all it took. why have we waited so long? now i just have to paint that thing...



clutter or collected...?

i'm a fan of the gallery wall. i know it can feel cluttered to some, but i love having my favorite things staring at me from my walls.  just had a conversation with a friend about my dining room wall that i recently cluttered up with collections. at first i hated it, but then when i thought of putting up only 1 piece of artwork, i hated that idea even more. so the chaos of my frames stays. not only in my dining room, but my entry way, and down my hall and possibly a small collection in my girls room....too much? maybe for some, but for me it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. below are thumbs up ways of showing off your favorite things.

                                              feminine + artsy

                                                      handsome + salty

whimsy + traveled

just plain cool

   organized + interesting



hello, you out there?

i'm not on ANY of the above. i would like to indulge in a few real bad and i even once was on instagram, lovvvvved it!! Am having some serious w/drawls from canceling my @keliki account. i could barely keep up with 30 followers on instagram. how do u people keep up with every ones business? i am not a judger & don't go hating me...i know that these medias are key ingredients for success. but really, i am truly in awww of those that can balance it all. you wonder what's up my ass about these social medias? read my feelings below.

dear instagram.
you are missed. you became an exciting new friend. i never felt more inspired, more proud, more in the know, more popular, more not so popular, more anxious, more envious, more creepy, more insecure, more more more!! we may have another rendeveoux down the road, but as of today... my husband, kids, home, body, soul and mind would rather we not hook up any time soon. 

it really sounds dramatic how i feel. it wasn't that bad. but in the words of a very honest/wise woman that i stalk on another sort of media, "TIME SUCK" was her choice of verbiage and i must say that it just really wraps things up for me. thanks for listening.


i want...

to look like this... i mean seriously.

to wear this.

to always receive love notes like this.

to find a spot to hang this.

to make this.

for my house to feel like this.

 for reals paint my front door CORAL like this.

but my door looks more like this. 



our new house...

   "Isn't She Lovely? Isn't She Wonderful?"
so, let's get this party started....
 agree to disagree on some of these ideas, but as of sunday, we are on our way to a new and improved little beach cottage.


front door living: (sorry, bad bad pict.)

indoor outdoor bar from kitchen: 

cement floors:

    white walls : dark windows

kitchen love: 
island wrapped in reclaimed wood
 lower cabinets in this yummy grey & this style

... banquette situation

ahhhh these bathrooms:

and oh YES, don't forget to wash your sandy feet in the outside shower...

i only wish this was my house. 
my brother purchased this beauty and has asked me and my husband to 
help design and decorate.
it is a DREAM in oh so many ways.
keep u posted! 



IKEA to the rescue!

 ...the office/ temporary guest room that was summoned to be done by this weekend for a surprise. Who do i turn to in emergency situations? IKEA.

these pictures are hideous, better shots to come & a few more details need to happen... BUT it's a miracle people that we pulled this off. her hubby was OVERJOYED! it was all worth it...



pretty + sucky

             it's a game i created for today called pretty+sucky. say it fast = prettysucky.
pretty things are what make my world go POW, sucky things are what make my world go well, really sucky. here are some of both situations that are POWing and SUCKing my life right now! enjoy...

pretty + POW. my mother's day gifts! 2 gigantor fiddle leaf trees that my husband picked up at, wait for it...a consignment store. major POW!! the other is in my dining room and i like it.

sucky x 1million! we had some amazing bamboo growing in our backyard that has turned out to be the biggest SOB ever! it's clearly being removed in this picture and we pretty much need a whole new backyard, and the neighborhood might too. note to self... NEVER plant bamboo (that is black and has roots that run run run. i feel like it's flipping us the middle finger with every new sprout) unless you want to give up your dreams of tearing out your guest bathroom, because frenz, this situation will suck u dry...

pretty... sophie's room. it's grown on me. the lucky charms green ( the real name of the paint) really made me in a bad mood before. but after we stole the curtains from the dining room, it went from sucky to pretty and i think i like it! & finished crown molding would be amazing.

sucky. THIS IS NOT MY HOUSE... helping a friend who wants to surprise her husband w/ a new office/temp. guest room for father's day. ok...where to start u ask? well it has started & just wait to see this sucky turn to pretty! it's been a quick transformation that we are crossing our fingers will go over well with the hubby. he was thinking "dark, smoky, man room" however...his wife and i did not. 
more to share soon.