pretty + sucky

             it's a game i created for today called pretty+sucky. say it fast = prettysucky.
pretty things are what make my world go POW, sucky things are what make my world go well, really sucky. here are some of both situations that are POWing and SUCKing my life right now! enjoy...

pretty + POW. my mother's day gifts! 2 gigantor fiddle leaf trees that my husband picked up at, wait for it...a consignment store. major POW!! the other is in my dining room and i like it.

sucky x 1million! we had some amazing bamboo growing in our backyard that has turned out to be the biggest SOB ever! it's clearly being removed in this picture and we pretty much need a whole new backyard, and the neighborhood might too. note to self... NEVER plant bamboo (that is black and has roots that run run run. i feel like it's flipping us the middle finger with every new sprout) unless you want to give up your dreams of tearing out your guest bathroom, because frenz, this situation will suck u dry...

pretty... sophie's room. it's grown on me. the lucky charms green ( the real name of the paint) really made me in a bad mood before. but after we stole the curtains from the dining room, it went from sucky to pretty and i think i like it! & finished crown molding would be amazing.

sucky. THIS IS NOT MY HOUSE... helping a friend who wants to surprise her husband w/ a new office/temp. guest room for father's day. ok...where to start u ask? well it has started & just wait to see this sucky turn to pretty! it's been a quick transformation that we are crossing our fingers will go over well with the hubby. he was thinking "dark, smoky, man room" however...his wife and i did not. 
more to share soon.


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