around these parts...

i don't really think anyone cares or even follows, but if there's a sole out there then here goes. 
the days just go by. they don't even care to wait for me. so while 4 months have gone by, so have my thoughts and my picts and my instagram and my kids and my house and my little business. it's ALL too much!!breakdown of my fleeting life in picts...starting from february, eeekk.
new york. ok, do i have to meet u in NY while your working there and stay at the ACE hotel? hell yes!
celebrated 15 years of being this mans wife. in celebrity years we'd be dead. glad we aren't because palm   springs was delightful getaway. ooh & i got some pink jeans so that i can fit in with everybody else.
NOOOO,  6th grade camp already? she was gone for too long in my opinion. her favorite part was the food. ok then...

oh eve, when did u even join the choir? loved your HUGE performance u little songbird. always up to somethin'...
well deserved trophy! hardest working 6 year old on that team! scored her 1st goal this season...i cried.
she turned 12, while i'm not super pumped on pre-teen business, i do love that she's still a big dork & knows how to laugh at herself.

sick of me and my life yet? the best is yet to come. bamboo removal (sucky suck suck), new fabrics, frenz houses, gardening, steals and deals,  interior therapy w jeff lewis and other goodness. be back soon.

xoxo, keli

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