hello, you out there?

i'm not on ANY of the above. i would like to indulge in a few real bad and i even once was on instagram, lovvvvved it!! Am having some serious w/drawls from canceling my @keliki account. i could barely keep up with 30 followers on instagram. how do u people keep up with every ones business? i am not a judger & don't go hating me...i know that these medias are key ingredients for success. but really, i am truly in awww of those that can balance it all. you wonder what's up my ass about these social medias? read my feelings below.

dear instagram.
you are missed. you became an exciting new friend. i never felt more inspired, more proud, more in the know, more popular, more not so popular, more anxious, more envious, more creepy, more insecure, more more more!! we may have another rendeveoux down the road, but as of today... my husband, kids, home, body, soul and mind would rather we not hook up any time soon. 

it really sounds dramatic how i feel. it wasn't that bad. but in the words of a very honest/wise woman that i stalk on another sort of media, "TIME SUCK" was her choice of verbiage and i must say that it just really wraps things up for me. thanks for listening.


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