the ladies of 2012...

school's out!
tough year for a few of us. others flew right through. so proud of these faces!
this is our last year of all 3 at the same school. hellllooo JR. HIGH! i'm thinking next year might sting a little at first...

sophie mae: 6th grade graduate!!
probably ending on one of her all time favorite years so far. she has been a special light at our school. kids love her, teachers adore her. couldn't be more proud of the path she has chosen. goodbye's are so hard. bahhhhaahaah.

eve presley: 4th grade grad. 
thank god this years over, right evers? her teacher was uhhhggg...but she found a new love of music and soccer!! kind of a rockstar this one is...

camille magnolia: 1st grade grad. 
hell yeah, she had the 3rd highest amount of reading counts points in the WHOLE school! geeze girl... she also mastered the black monkey bars. (apparently a big deal when your 6) my little tiny 5 lb. baby will be a second grader? not ok.

and me.... taking on PTA Programs this year, just about put me in the grave. i will be taking a break from that situation next year.  
so kiss off PTA and school because family, frenz, vacations, beach until 7pm, pool and sleeping in awaits us now. 
we do summer really well!!


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