guest bath // instagram...

to keep the little beach house as a "remodel" not "new" construction, 
we had to forgo remodeling a room. 
that room was the guest bathroom. the door has been closed for months, it's ugly in there...

but today's the day. we're opening the door and breaking ground 
on the final undone space in the house. 
it's about time...

tile - check
shower bench - check
basin sink - check
toilet - check
happy it's humpday? - check
it's already been a long week - check
tomorrow will be the longest day of my life - check check check
excited for this bathroom to be finished - check!

get updates on this dirty old space on my new and improved instagram account. 

no hard feelings if i don't follow u back.
 i'm gunna keep it to a minimal with 99.9% being design oriented accounts.

if you're not private, then i can still keep tabs on YOU!

i'm a wayyyyyy better photographer on instagram. :)


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