do pretty does taylor swift....

taylor swift is HUGE in our home! (have u heard her new cd? a must have for christmas!) sophie sported a taylor-ish costume for halloween, finished off with a big ol'
do pretty flower. i love that my girls look at halloween as a chance to create something fun out of our own stuff.
(total cost for costume= .99 cents for the wht skirt, goodwill special! man we're good...)

PS...if u know taylor swift- please tell her the roche's (including daddy) adore her, love her, sing really loud to her music, dress up like her, wear red lips like her, are learning to play her songs on piano, love her, at least one is always named taylor in any game they play, love her & pretty much want to grow up to be her! and then tell her to call me so that i can make her some pretties. many thanks!!
...the roche family

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