I SPY...

love me or leave me... yes that's mr & mrs. roche & a do pretty at a nascar race- we're BIG fans! a little white trash is good for the soul. (what??? it was one of the best days of our lives- so don't judge!!)
can u spy my daughter? she's my most loyal customer- gymnastics, school, the beach. she doesn't leave home without a pretty...preferably pink & sparkly!! i heart u camille!!
again...can u spy my girl? haha!! last years christmas performance- we fought about that darn pretty... oh evers, don't you know that I ALWAYS win? u looked perfect that nite! but maybe next year you could ask for your own space on the risers? a little tough taking picts when u were shoved behind your TALL frenz...
yep, you finally catching on? i spy sophie!! she rocked this race so proud of her & she looked darn cute doing it!! i think momma has her work cut out for her for the next race- green flowers around?? would be so fun! run killybrooke run!

you email me a pict. wearing your pretty. tell me where & when & why you had it on and then (drum roll.....) i'll post your pretty face on my blog! then, umm, well we'll just all enjoy your pict.
sound fun? xoxo- kel

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