who is ben ash...?

2 years ago i bought this pretty lady at an estate sale on my way home from church in
  huntington beach:  a really overpriced estate sale!! 

 i was on my way out when i spotted her face hanging on a wall  in the living room.
to my complete shock there was a red tag on her saying $1. i grabbed her off the wall so fast, gave them my buck, came home and quickly found a home for her. 
like i stole her or something.

fast forward 2 years.

just 2 days ago was at the goodwill in huntington beach
one that i frequent often 
this is where i spotted this handsome face for all of $6.99.
again...i grabbed him, paid my dollars, quickly ran out of the store headed home knowing i had the perfect spot for him to hang.

while hanging him, i was looking at all the markings on the back. 
artist name: BEN ASH

while rehanging her, this name BEN ASH was staring me in the face.

is that weird? 
who is this BEN ASH? could it have been that these 2 
had been hanging together in his house? 
i looked him up. he's not a famous anyone, he may not even be alive anymore. 
 come on, i believe i was meant to have this handsome couple hanging together in my house.
they are a perfect match! 

to BEN ASH's family... i want you to know that i will treasure these pictures for the rest of my life. 
i promise i will never allow this pair to be broken apart again, 
even when they are passed down to my girls. 
they belong together 
don't you agree?
i love them!!



  1. That's awesome! How crazy is it that you picked two paintings by the same artist. It would drive me crazy not knowing all the details behind the portraits!

  2. No way!!!! I love this! I can't believe it!! Love and miss you all the time!! Let's catch up!

    1. JEN!! miss you too, we better catch up soon!! xoxo