just dye it...

when you hold a glittery sparkly event in an old, cold, cinderblocked hall... one must dig deep.
TULIP DYE in grapefruit became the hero!

theme colors of the auction where peach and minty green + lots of glitter!
i envisioned a watercolory backdrop feel for the 45 foot long long auction table wall. 
they came out way more hippie tie dye. but i was cool with that. 

supplies to create tie dye/watercolored panels...

dye = michael's  

twin sheets $3.99 each = IKEA

bucket + sponge
open space so that u can sponge and let dry.

dunk one end of sheet into dye
hang unto line
 excess will drip down the sheet
squeeze dye soaked sponge unto areas you want more effect
 hang dry

takes about 3 minutes per sheet. 

then when derek brought home 3 dirty parachutes from the army surplus, i knew they needed a good soak as well.

 these dye jobs will all be used for another PTA event at the end of the year. 
I LOVE RECYCLING these kinda things, makes me feel good.

happy party planning

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  1. Hi there! I just started reading your blog and I love it! I will so be stalking you now :0)