ever changing...

always moving, always changing stuff around, always buying little things to freshen up, always making runs to the goodwill to drop off the crap that i'm over!

new rug! my brother and i now have twinsie rugs. awww cute.
after my fiasco with the other 100% wool shedder rug, i was left still wanting it even though i cursed it everyday! this one isn't as authentic looking as the wool, but it is baby butt soft and NO hair balls!

ready for new wallpaper. on the lookout. 

...love this magazine. 
if u know us roche's you would agree that this is a good mix of me and him.

    bought this for a wedding present, but oops i accidentally hung it up in my room. 
desperately need a new side table!!

salvation army find for my sisters house. 
cool stuff to be found all day long at these kind of places. go take a look for yourself!

my home is my job.

like a regular job, my house challenges me everyday. 
i need to feel good in my space.
you grow to love some of the not so perfect spaces along the way.


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  1. How did you mount the antlers over your bed like that. They look great. The room looks just fantastic.

    Thanks for you help :)