S.O.S. dining room addition...

          here's the situation...                                      


amongst other really unfortunate spaces in my home, this one is killing me! i have put up, removed, put up, removed frames like 50 times. the wall looks like i used it for shooting practice.

also... check out the tree, sitting on a plastic bag in desperate need of a pot/basket  i don't know...

and then the cabinet... just need to commit to some pulls. that's all, easy as that. what's my deal?

there's so much more that needs to happen in this little adobe of ours. remember the post about amanda peete's lived in space? (how do i do that by the way? refer back???) yeah, my lived in isn't as cute as hers... however, i will not give up on our home!!!!!!!!!!! onward & upward right?
                                                                 xo. k

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