this is better. 
ordered 2 watercolor art picts from flourishdesignandstyle.blogspot.com for the 2 gold frames. 
bottom/ left silver frame has a underwater shot from a tahoe trip in it. and the other 2 silver frames are up for discussion. a vintage skateboarding pict. of my husband needs to find it's way up there. 
you will be proud of me that i ordered and received knobs for the cabinet. but they're going back. didn't love. back to square one. anyone have any ideas?

and this here below my frenz is happening. my father in law took this little bathroom down to it's studs, on the first day of school, and has replaced it with a lot of tile. (he hates that i want grey grout. i love that i'm getting grey grout!) it was the grossest bathroom ever! i would get so mad at anyone that used it. my kids didn't even want to use it. this might be my new favorite space in my house after alls finished. light and bright and CLEAN!!

 crossing my fingers that this little lady will squeeze it's self into the small space. i love it and she's  soooo cheap! actually, all of these things have been budget. this small project was unexpected, and i really wasn't totally prepared for what i wanted in there. home depot & ikea. enough said...
i'm a really bad photographer. i'm sorry for crappy pictures. not inspiring at all...  xo.k

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