holy hottest day of the year...

here comes the hot and sweaty bride... seriously, hot as balls!!

hi and welcome. 
derek & i had no idea of who the bride or groom was, however, we were happy to be of assistance to our dear friend summer who realized this little wedding gig that she had agreed to do wasn't such a little gig. 


come & sit

(fruit stand built by mr. derek roche... it was a HUGE hit!! very proud wife moment. )
                                       eat some fruit & have an ice cream sandwich.
 when you're the wedding planner ( & have a cutie for a husband) you change super fast, in the park bathroom. slap on some makeup, layer on the deodorant, somehow look like perfection, because summer is just adorable, welcome the bride and guests and then bust a move for another 4+ hours.
when you are the chirrpas, you help for 6 hours in the blazing sun, sweat...exit stage left as is, check into a sweet hotel,  SHOWER OFF THE SWEAT!!! dinner at a fav. spot, enjoy some chat time with each other then end it with a $20 glass of wine ( that wasn't in the plan, but we figured we deserved it ). the day was a success and so enjoyable & again, SWEATY!!  loved working with scummer, she did a supurb job!! mark my words that derek & i might be for hire someday...we really do enjoy working together, funny huh??

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  1. The only thing HOT here was YOU!! Beginning of many fun and ridiculous TEAM ROCHE adventures! Till the next one.. Xo Roche