summer songs...

it started off with a family affair concert in san diego where we sang to all the tunes of my uncle gary's hits. gary puckett and the union gap toured  with a few other old time favorites.
we were in a cluster of hawaiian shirts and 60ish year old people & we were told that there were complaints about our crew being too loud. lighten up humphry's.

my sister heidi, me & my super fun, sweet cousin bri. my mom, dad, brother, husband, brother in law, aunts, uncles and lots of cousins were all there. i guess we were a bit of a scene.

next up...brother's of the sun tour at anahiem stadium. not a concert, more like a festival. started at 4:30, didn't get home until 12:30am!! kenny chesney, tim mcgraw ( in an all white situation...weird), jake owen (that we missed) and grace potter...can we talk about grace potter? i was in love love love with her sparkle onsie and sheer cover up, with her black booties, gahawwww. she is a rocker, and a beautiful one & i was in awwww!! that day was too fun... family, frenz, talegating, horse patrol, in & out @ midnight,  laughing and dancing... my calves were soar the next day. it was awesome! thank u aaron and heidi for the tix. forever grateful...

and then there was victoria justice with my 9 year old and her frenz @ the oc fair.  it was, ummm well...no country music concert, but eve had a blast, and having a special date with her made all the high pitched screams worth it. and we met tori!! do u remember you're first concert? yeah, me neither.... she wanted to sit by me the whole nite. melt my heartsies. love that girl.

until the next one, party on!
xo. k

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