behind the scenes...

DONNY & FERN 2012... before.

donny and fern is a major labor of love. my home becomes a serious work space for about 2 good weeks before. i tend to make a big huge massive scary mess in every room  before turning it into 
something presentable for the night of the party. somehow/someway it cleans up.
let's follow my mess, without judgement of course & we u will see what the roche's were up to every single nite for 2 weeks prior to d&f!!!

 pot depot...ALL these pots were empty up until 2:30 the day of the sale, so bad... i continued the mess outside unto that blue tarp for a serious succulent planting explosion. ask anyone that witnessed it!!
                      flower making station... i'm really starting to hate making those little buggers. so now i've taken over all of our possible eating surfaces. the girls pulled up a bench one night and used it as a table. poor girls fending for themselves...
chainsaw roche in action sculpting & creating some wood goodness. sometimes waaaaay too late in the nite. do u even know how loud a chainsaw is?
 some trees
some stocking holders
 some signs that got some paint & sparkles. the time was approx. 12am here, i lasted until 3:30am. 
say it with me, T.I.R.E.D & notice that i'm now messing up the KITCHEN.

some wine stoppers. my favorite items of the night.

 miraculously the messes disappeared by 5pm. some of it into closets or stuffed under beds... hope people weren't snooping!!! 
the best of the night is yet to come. our friend and neighbor was roaming around taking picts. all evening. will share as soon as i get them.

great nite, great time, love to see all the faces, thank u for coming, happy it's over, still recovering. 

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  1. Well... I'd say best event yet. So proud of you my love. Proud to be apart, but prouder to be your husband. Cheers to another good year. Xo