camping xoxo...

who would have guessed 6 months ago when this trip was booked, that this past weekend would be the most beautiful weekend EVER to be camping on the beach? nowhere would we rather be than with my sister and her family, camping in our hometown, falling asleep to the waves.

swimming & surfing happened from 9 am until 5pm on saturday and then another 2 hours on sunday. the weather was perfection & clearly the kids didn't care that the water was fridgid!

fishing for hours... eve & my nephew caught baby tiger sharks, perch & some seaweed while daddy caught a sunburn.

our whole family came down for one evening to celebrate my niece and derek's bdays. good food, better company & wine by the fire and not to be forgotten was the most stunning sunset. breathtaking!!

you had to peel us away on sunday to come home. not like home is a bad place, just not the same as a picture perfect camping adventure with all of our favorites. cheers  xo.k

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