kitchen update...

my brothers little beach house is coming right along... like everyday there's something that is OF IMPORTANCE to tackle. a little tricky living an hour away from him, 
but we're gettin' er done.
decisions are being made!! 

kitchen update... things ordered, and things to be ordered.

vintage light for over his banquette area. CHECK  (LOOOOOVE THIS!)

                      these cabinets, but in white CHECK + apron sink. almost CHECK

reclaimed wood  from an old battleship that my brother personally picked out (super cool) for the   island and the backsplash. CHECK + this harware! no CHECK yet. looking...

                   some open shelving. almost CHECK. figuring out what materials still

                              and some chunky white countertops. almost CHECK

lots o' lots of decisions when building a house from the ground up geesh!! it's a learning process for all of us. fun, but a little hairy at times. so far my favorite part has been buying some cool crap and putting it on his HIS credit card. budget, smudget... he keeps saying that he trusts me. here's hopin'!!

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