happy little halloweeners...

some choice halloween costumes that we have concocted for this years trick or treating festivities.

up first is my dorky 7th grader who still loves to dress up. and i say YES! i thought a nerd would be a perfect costume for her since she wears glasses and just got braces and is just naturally nerdish. instead she's chosen to be a UNICORN NINJA. i don't know u guys. i have no answers. the good news is that she has created her costume all on her own and thinks it's pretty awesome. have at it soph!

and then we've birthed a MINION. easy, cute, comfortable... 
somehow every stinking year without fail, i will be gluing on the last detail of her costume and she'll bust out with "i don't know, something just isn't right!!!" and then there's the waterworks. this year has been no different. shoved her costume in a baggy for her school, told her i can't wait to see her march in the costume parade, kiss kiss, hug, hug, and bye bye eve.  

pintrest showed up for this costume!!  SUSHI girl is one of my favorite costume we've ever put together. she's gunna kill it at her parade today!

share with you all the real deals tomorrow. 
be safe tonite!
boo to you.

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