our weekend was supposed to be spent in mexico, however...it was meant to be that we ended up at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe instead. THANK GOD!

check in.

not my child, but a super image of the grounds. if u look all the way out beyond the beauty u can see the town. small, quaint, quiet & beautiful. 

you stay in little bungalows. it all looks like this btw!! couldn't get enough of the scenery.
stood in the pool while reading magazines while my back was burning. such a gooood burn.

my aunt lives up the street. i know, lucky!! she and my cousin met us for drinks & dinner on sat. then sunday morning they took us on a great walk on the golf course & breakfast back at The Inn. such a pleasant addition to our weekend.

and...because you know by now how amazing my photo skills are, here are the only 2 (& let me explain) pictures that i took of the special time i got to spend with my husband. it's pathetic how i don't document. gotta get better at that. 

this first one was for my sister... check the rental price tag. i asked if she would be interested in sharing the rent for next summers vacation. it's pretty much in our price range right heidi?

and then this really choice, incredibly bright picture is not just an awesome glamour shot of derek, but look super super super close. see the hot air ballon back there? they were all over. they were so pretty, i guess u had to be there.  told u, pathetic. maybe derek has a few better ones on his phone??? i guess i store my memories in my mind and heart, not so much on film.

it was only a night away, but how badly do we always need those one nighters? we crave them, and try to grab them as often as we can. the weather made me miss summer and now i'm missing derek.

go NOW and book a night away and get refreshed...  xo.k

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  1. Better luck next time! Lets do a do over at our new favorite spot. My treat! Xo