sit down...

inspiration pict.
 this image reminds me of tahoe in the summer. with evening cocktails, happy children, men bbquing, tanned skin. oh how much i would love to be sitting on these little white benches right about now!! not today...below pict is reality.

closing in on another home project involving floating benched seating & a firepit. 
me and my handyman husband have a bit of ADD. we start something, and juuuuuust as it's about to be finished, we move unto the next project. 99.9% of the time that project isn't one that is even priority. bad habits are hard to kick... xo.k

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  1. Well hold on to your panties... The beches are done! Well almost... Good thoughts and more memories to make. Glad to be apart of "Team Roche"! Xo