donny & fern 2011...

some pictures to maybe peak you interest in what goes down at a donny & fern sale nite.
let's just say, last year was a lovely evening & i think that i did a pretty good job hiding all the ugly that went on before hand.

things that people didn't see...

-----> derek moving out a huge armoire that almost crashed through our glass slider. our friend mike who was helping, spouting off some pretty words all while my girls + a few vendors are all standing around witnessing & hearing it all. and let me say, i was on FIRE!!

-----> & moving in a giant long cabinet that had to be screwed into the wall. uhhh huhhhh. again all at around 4pm. people are coming at 5. timing, what timing?

-----> i am staring to get a gnarly headache. like migrainy.

-----> & i'm not even close to having all my product done. so i haven't showered, not sure i even did... i am such a last minute person. terrible.

-----> i proceed to get a worser headache and pretty much tell my husband to "go & take a hike" because really all he's trying to do is help, but i couldn't make 1 more decision and wanted him to clearly read my mind of what i still needed done. i remember thinking "this is my sale, my party, wahhh wahhh wahhhh." i still feel bad about treating him like that btw.

-----> & my trusty side kick sister heidi who i trust to light all my candles & frost my cookies & just be there for my crazy ass mind support couldn't make it until later that evening.

-----> & my "fern" to my "donny" was in a major life tail spin & i wasn't sure she was even going to be able to pull it together to even be there!! i think i would have totally caved & jumped off a cliff if i were in her shoes that year. but she made it and today is better than EVER!!

-----> & then guests started to arrive & i'm just now putting on some sassy pants, some make up, eye drops & advil and had not even 1 drink that nite because my head was pounding like a mother all nite!!!!

-----> i bet we had about 150 people come thru that nite. faces i had never ever seen in my house. kind of a weird feeling. they came, they bought, they drank & hopefully bought some more & we're done.

-----> another successful party & i say we're never doing that again and guess what?????
dec. 6th people!! all because you guys still want it!!

-----> & i promise, i love doing it. i would have it 10 times a year, but i don't think me and derek would make it. so we'll stick with 1 a year.

love you all & thank you thank you for your support.  see u in a few weeks. xo.k

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