the power of menswear...

to my husbands dismay i'm sure, i feel sexiest when i'm covered up. 
i love a feminine look, love pretty lace, appreciate a high heal but as i do, i have to rough it up a little with an element of dude (a word i never use btw).


                   favorite menswear items that i own and wear pretty much everyday...

                                                             on top 
super old thrifted army green gap snap down longsleeve
 tjmaxx button down jean shirt
  camo green surplus hurley jacket that is longer in the back that i pretty much wear everyday!!
& when i feel fancy, a blazer in any color over anything 

 on bottom 
jeans.jeans.jeans... my fav. right now are my baggy peach levi's
camel colored loafers from payless!!
hightop converse

all that know me are shaking their heads & saying, YES she does wear all those things everyday. no, like evvvvveryday...

all these picts are from pintrest. keli roche, that's me i'm on there.       

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