adventures down south...

had to drive down to my hometown for a teeth cleaning yesterday. not fun... 
picture below is carlsbad campgrounds. wanted to pull in and stay a few nites. 

but driving down to visit my brother's little home... FIREWORKS!!

here we are in the front of the house looking into his living room where his 
11 foot glass pocket doors are mounted, just pushed to the sides. they are stunning!

looking to the right is the kitchen window, that will be like an outside bar area. the window is supposed to be a big crank up one.  i love this space. and remember the "oh crap it's huge vintage pendant?" she'll hang down from that there pitch. he's planning on spending a lot of his time out here since he's lacking an inside dining space. can't win em' all...

oooh ahhhh. view from the living room where the couch will sit. looking deep to the right u can catch  a glimpse of the ocean. he'll be able to smell the campfires from this house. lucky....

house will be all white board & batten. trim and exterior doors will be dark grey to match the tin roof he's hopefully getting put on soon.

favorite part of the day... 3 of these guys (in black) waiting like a christmas present in my parents garage to be opened! they're really BIG! they'll will be stationed on each side of his big pocket doors. 
barnelectric.com everything makes me weak in the knees on this sight. and derek, YOU ARE NOT allowed to make a comment on that last sentence!!!

she's a beaut. and getting prettier with each new accessory. shooting for a dec. move in date. dunno about that, but we're shooting.

ps. secretly hoping that he gives me and my family this house in return for all the love i've put into it.  i think he might. ;)

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