this post is dedicated to our little buddy that we haven't gotten to hold yet... BABY OLIVER.
he slid into this world a wee bit too early. like 3 months too early weighing in at a wopping 1lb. 12 oz. and only 13" long. uhgggg. can u even imagine the smallness of that? we got to take home one of his diapers at their baby shower a few weeks ago when he was weighing in at 2lbs. 8oz. it fits on camille's bearzy. he's that tiny, but incredibly mighty. defying all the odds of being a preemie!! it must be his  cheering fans, he hears us, i know it.

i've been storing up newborn picts for our friends, just in case they might need some ideas. FACT: i'm full of ideas.
here are some breathtaking picture ideas for their new family. 




my number one picture!!!
 i think i missed my chance at this special picture with my girls years ago...
 BABY OLIVER won't be so little forever. hoping they have captured all that he is for right now. 

and keeping on the baby train...
i've been to quite a few baby showers recently. while i'm honored to be a guest, i have NO connection with the baby world anymore so buying a gift for a new momma is next to impossible for me these days. i DON'T KNOW whats out there?? BUT, i think i've found the ideal gift from me to her. well i hope it's ideal because i've already given 3 of them as gifts...

the golden viper journal + a good/smooth pen.
she can laugh, she can cry, she can scream, she can say bad words all in this safe place...just hoping that  all the mommas will journal the SMALL moments that later become BIG memories.  
now go hug your babies. big or small... xo.k

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