her prettiest angle...

let's see, it's been a few weeks, possibly a month now and our girls little teeny tiny bathroom is pretty much moving along at a "roche rate." translation... NOT DONE. 
funny that she's functioning like a normal finished bathroom would, just with a few ugly obsticles.

here she is, a corner shot of her prettiness. this is for sure her best angle as of this morning. 
and then...

oh hi unfinished drywall, huge hole and taped cape over the sink. 
derek gets on this bathroom whenever he can. like while the meat is grilling, or at his lunch time, in between a real job, his hunting a deer job, soccer games and life. u know, it's getting full attention! we have moved into those drawers and surprisingly the girls have managed to still brush their teeth in here even with the cape. i think they're used to the mess. moving on...

                     ahhhhhhh! it's like a scary movie, that started out so innocently.
                        ahhhh huhhhhhh????!!!! get a new bar and rings please!!

blahhhhh , and now i'm dead, movie over!!
not giving up on her. she's got a lot of potential. and guess what color she'll be painted? now u might die.... the dreaded WHITE! i'm sooooo getting this white right. i have a deadline for ALL unfinished projects. it's frightening how close it's gotten and how far away we still are!!

i bet you are all over my unfinished and ugly spaces. I AM!! my sister sent this to me. (she knows me all too well) it is so super duper me, i laughed and cried at the same time. "birds & unicorns were singing in my head." i loved it! feels good to know that other people share my issues.

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  1. This is so AWESOME Kel + D! Very excited for you guys, it'll be a beauty. Love that dopretty going strong. xx