tale of the white castle...

it all happend so fast that i was totally caught off guard and it threw me off my game big time.
i pride myself in being a pretty good eye when it comes to colors. but white...OMG it's a whole nother evil. pretty much has kicked my ass and left us waking up in our white room feeling like we're in an art museum without the cool art.  i want to sing "blinded by the light" chorus every morn. i chose the wrongest white for walls. ultra white is for trim only people!! some houses can hold this white, but clearly not mine.

so, after pintrest, blog suggestions and a few samples, i had to resort to a higher source. i will be buying a few more samples in HOPES that one of these colors recommended will be the one i've always been looking for all my life! thank u by the way for your suggestions, means the world.

BEFORE: looks pretty, but was NOT! that's what instagram washes do to real life crap. walls were camo green as u would expect, with lots o lots o holes and chunky spakle smears.

AFTER: there's a lot wrong w this picture. check the walls to the ceiling blend. ceiling looks like a dirty floor. no side tables, no lamps, no cute curtains, no great bedding, no rugs, no warmth. so so cold. it feels like that new minimal feel that's popular, it's not popular with me. not a fan of the chill.

operation warm up MASTER BEDROOM in effect!  i am better than this! happy friday. xo.k

the silver lining is that i have a blank canvas. better than spackle smears!!


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