oh the memories...

875 of what i thought to be lost pictures downloaded from my ipod to my computer tonite. that situation took a long while, but i was reunited with some long lost loves. follow my journey of wishlist pictures of past. narrated by cameron diaz.

hi and welcome to my journeyish... what, u like this outfit? this old thing? shawwwwww.

hope u enjoyed the walk up to my front door. i have fresh squeezed oj every morning. jealous?

u will sleep here,
try & enjoy the ugly view.
u may shower here,
or bathe here.
                                                       i worked really hard on this!!!
                             sorry, i'm still making my final choice on a sofa. i like this one alot.
                                             always always loved this one
but really think this ones super adorable. can't i just get all 3 and see what i like best?

& did i tell u i met a really cute guy that only owns a skateboard...just a skateboard
 (true story)

& then i got married & my bridesmaids wore these 

& then i had a baby and i looked all pretty like this

that was fun. 
and there's like 862 more pictures where that came from that i have yet to "oh yeah, i love that"over. 
should be a blast and a guaranteed major time suck!!

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