now i lay me...

something about the change of the seasons gets me ansty for a change of bedding. in my case it's more than bedding. it's painting, new pillows, curtains, lamps, bedside tables and a rug...and that should do it.

i get myself all confused when i look on pintrest or online for ideas. there's waaaaay too much to think about. i like it all!! or really hate it. trying to refine my wants. here are some elements that speak to me.

                                                   coziness + randomness

                                          clean. i need more of that in my life.

unique- scared i might wake up from peacock nightmares.

these colors do me good + bamboo. always my favorite element on windows + organized pillows. i have a thing about my pillows being in order.

                                                           just easy.
                                          feels vacationy, not such a bad thing.

a southern feel. xoxo the monograms!

like i'm dreaming all the time
  the colors soothe me, hate the wallpaper, but love all that that window has to offer!

see what i mean? my style is such a cluster f#&$ of every element that it makes it hard to make any decisions. first things first...PAINT! then pretty stuff second i guess.


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