repins. the home addition...

i love my home / i hate my home. 
some days i want to put up a big "IT'S ALL FOR SALE" sign out front. 
then other days, i feel overwhelmed with all that derek and i have invested in this little place. 

"FINISHED!" will never ever ever in the history of roche homeowning ever be a word that we will feel about this home, our past homes or our future living spaces.
 work in progress is just our jam, by now i'm pretty sure u all know this about us. 

so.... the below pintrest images aspire me to reach for the decorating stars and try... 
just try & go that extra mile kel... let's do this and get a space done for the love of god!!



happy long weekend to you!! 
 off to find some warm weather & try to rejuvenate my non existent tan.

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