in celebration...

remember that 16 years ago there was no pintrest, wedding blogs, did we even own a computer then? 

this picture below is my inspiration for an 
"all things if i was marrying DEREK again today" post.

i love this!!!
 her hair, his hair... her dress, his bracelets. 
love love love

he would have preposed with one of these canary sparklers.
i of course would say YES YES YES

the anniversary party would be in palm springs on a warm evening, pool side under twinkle lights cluttered with every friend and loved one that we knew.
i would be wearing this

or this

just derek & i would head off somewhere romantical like this

 become man & wife in a very simple ceremony all while wearing this... 
i adore this dress so so much.
                                        but i do love this too. the hat isn't too far off either...
 maybe derek would be wearing that then we could be matchy matchy with our gold sparkle.

makeup and hair right here

this bunch would seranade us. do i even need to tell you why i would chose them?

this couple who i also have a BIG love for would document the whole deal. they r special.

& then we would send you all this picture announcing the great news that we were officially:


that was fun.