pinner - pinner chicken dinner....

everyday... actually every moment can take you to new heights when on pintrest. 
i like the feeling.

 feels like i need 2 of these buffalitos!! 1 for me, 1 for my sister. after escaping any "goring" by a    buffalo in yellowstone this summer, i do believe we need this print heidi.

feels homey. 
                 feels like i want to eat that bread. and hang those shelves & experience those pulls.
                                                                feels familiar.
                                      feels like i would like to move in. no for reals.
                                                         feels so comfortable.

                           feels like even I could wear this & that i want to wear this.

                            feels like i want to kill her. i better get that tan next week!
                                 feels real. u rarely see the fun side of these 2.

                  feels like, well i don't know yet... beer float? i'm pretty excited to try this one.
scenes from the week.

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