hard to say goodbye...

i loved u then & i will still love u tomorrow. 
but this rug has to GO! 
it's such a sad day... this fuzzy, yummy, i know oh so popular rug is rolled up & being picked up by a lucky craigslister. 
read on.
 you see, it sheds like a mother f'er!! fuzzballs all over my house, in every corner & under all the beds. we have all hardwood, so it keeps showing it's fuzzy face in every little nook. i'm assuming it's like having a dog, or cat. but i don't, i had a rug. not the same. and camille has allergies...not a smart investment.
i loved it so much that i was hopeful that after a few good vacuums that it would lose it's shedding habits. not so much. even I was over it. so bye bye my rug. me and the little girls will miss u. we always  enjoyed rolling and playing on you. have fun in your new home. and just know that you were loved even with your issues. 

i'm not mad at rugsusa.com because they gave me a smoking deal on this guy. but i will rethink the wool situation.



  1. Oh man, love that rug! Miss you guys!

  2. Just stumbled on your blog and have been reading. I bought a rug very similar from West Elm and had the same problem. It drove me crazy enough to also sell it on Craigslist! Ha, I also wrote a blogpost about it. So pretty but so impractical. Anyway, cheers, love your blog.
    Heidi | The Rustic Modernist