things i've learned... part 1

things i learned on our 2 week adventure...
 i still like my husband & am overly grateful that he took us on this journey. even if he did boss me around from the drivers seat most of the trip.

my girls & nephews could live off the fat of the land. fished their little hearts out, caught fresh lake trout. made for the best meal of the trip. lots of frog catching too.

     i learned this as we were welcomed into yellowstone. (read for yourself, weird & gross.)

lady moose just hang out in campsites.
u need a lot of patience...everything starts to look special through those binocular lenses. all the black dots in this pict., buffalo. alot of buffalo.
while the scenery was breathtaking, the bugs were hideous! found out my oldest is seriously           freaked out by bugs. it was like watching a funniest home videos episode. straight up scared.
and i learned, that kids can watch movies for 5 hours straight. sickening, but trust me, very necessary at times. do not judge, do not judge.
also learned that i don't want a dog. unicorn tires do not love the vegas heat. i want to paint/wallpaper and redecorate our motorhome. i don't love long drives. wherever, whatever we do we must find our way back to water. i hate mosiquitos (kids language). i am still scared of bears even though i saw a sweet pair of cubbys. completely still paranoid of snakes. buffalo migrating through our camp is no bueno. i for sure still get carsick especially going to visit lamar valley. i love me a shower, and took as many as we were allowed. i already knew, but my husband and my brother in law are serious adventurers and maybe sometimes forget that there are a few kids in tow. i still adore and admire my sister & could not have made it without her. but the biggest things learned...u must be stocked up on wine!!! because at the end of a long long trip, u really deserve it and utah just doesn't feel the same way. what i'm saying is that we were totally wine screwed at the tail end of this adventure. utah doesn't sell wine in grocery store, general stores, camp stores. be prepared. you're welcome.
                                      more things learned & adventure picts. to come.
                            xo. keli 

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